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How to Pick the Best Web Design Company

Whether you need a brand new website or already have an existing website you want redesigned, chances are you’ll need to find a web design company.  Considering the vast number of web designers available, picking the best web design company for you can be a daunting task, but if you take these factors into consideration once a complex problem will become trivial.


1. What Exactly Do You Need

Before you begin your search, you must access exactly what’s the purpose of your website. Here are a few questions you should ask yourself. Do you want to generate more leads, sell products or simply provide additional information about your business or a combination of the above? Do you want to work with a one stop shop or work with a separate web designer and web programmer? The latter option makes sense when you’re embarking on a project that is programming intensive such as a web application and the web design firm you like isn’t equipped in that area. Is it imperative you work with a local web design company so you can meet face to face occasionally? Would you like to make changes to site yourself? If so, ask the companies if they’ll provide you with a CMS. The best wed design company for you should meet your criteria.


2. How to Find a Web Designer

How to find a designer depends on if you want to only work with a local company or not. If working with a local company isn’t a priority you can put together a list of websites with the look and feel you feel is comparable to want you want. Usually at the bottom of the web page there will be a link back to the web design firm. If working with a local company is a must, Google is your best bet. Let’s say you want to find someone in Philadelphia, you would use search terms such as Philadelphia web designer, Philadelphia web design or web designers in Philadelphia.


3. Web Design Portfolio

Be sure to look at each company’s portfolio to get a feel for their design style. You want to pick the company that has a sample of websites suitable to want you want. For example, if you want a unique website a company designer with more corporate designs may not be a good fit.


4. Project Timeframe

This is a key factor to consider. If you need your website completed in time for a specific event, it’s good to know how long it will take for the company to deliver. Given the size of the company and current workload they may not be able to deliver within your desired timeframe under normal circumstances. In most instances, the web design firm can accommodate your schedule, but you’ll have to pay a rush rate. Rush rates usually apply when a company has to work evenings or weekends to complete a project.


5. Cost

It is a good idea you call companies and ask them general pricing about their website design service and eliminate companies that fall outside of your budget. This will save you time from meeting with companies that ultimately you can’t afford anyway. Once you’ve found companies that are in your price range, you can make your final decision based on cost along with the other factors listed above.

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